July 11, 2017

Beauty Review: mySpa Life 24k Gold Eye Treatment

Is it a gimmick? Is it worth the money? Well, keep reading to find out!

Today we have a beauty Review on the mySpa Life Shimmering 24K Gold Under Eye Treatment. This is a mask that is worth $25 (hun you know that I didn't spend that much on this product, I like to clutch my coin purse close to my chest but we'll get to that later) on the mySpa Life website. I'll be telling you about what I think this product based on what it claims it does and whether I think it actually does those things effectively. I'm sure for any of you that pay attention to social media and the blogosphere, you might have seen these type of products everywhere. Every beauty guru and beauty blogger has been hyping up gold infused products, why? Because it's aesthetically appealing, that's why.

Now this mask is a 20-minute treatment that you leave on your undereye. It is infused with 24K gold― that is said to lower collagen depletion― seaweed, and tea that are both meant to help open up the pores for a deep moisturization. You get 6 treatments that are each a one-time only use in sealed packets, which is different from other products because products like this often come swimming in a jar wich I don't personally like. I like this type of packaging because each treatment comes in its own individual package, allowing for the gel the product is submerged in to be distributed evenly. When you open each packet there isn't an overwhelming smell, it just sort of smells like a spa (shocking, I know).

This mask claims to help moisturize and tighten the undereye area, which it does do. Anytime that I have used this, my undereye has always felt very soft, and hydrated;  my skin feels just that slight bit tighter but not scaley (thankfully).  Somethings that I don't like about this product: the gel pads don't stick to the face well forcing you to lay still and immobile (ain't nobody got time for that, we got stuff to do), it's 25 freaking dollars which makes each packet about $4.20 for a one-time use (that is not worth the money sis) and it's a little messy.

Now in saying all those things, I did purchase mine for $2.00 at a department store. On their website, they have a section that lists the different stores that you can buy their products (10/10 would recommend going to these stores instead of ordering online to save some money) and I do think the whole idea of an at-home spa treatment is appealing. It is definitely a way to force yourself to relax and unwind by getting you into that whole luxurious spa treatment mindset because it is gold.

Would I buy this again? Not for $25! No ma'am, but if I found it for that $2 mark then sure.
I do think it's a little gimmicky, but it's a nice gimmick.

I would give this product ⭐⭐⭐

That's all I have for this post. Comment down below if you have ever given into the hype? Did you regret it? Or is the hype the hype because it deserves to be hyped (huh?) What were these products? And do you still use them?  Tell me in the comments!

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