April 28, 2017

My TOP Fave Foundations

Maybelline FitMe FoundationBlack Opal True Color Stick FoundationWet n' Wild Photo Focus|LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation

For some of my chocolate babies out there, you know that I know how difficult it is to find face and complexion products that perfectly match our skin tones. There are so many undertones and shades that makeup companies have simply neglected. I know the struggle of walking into the drugstore and not being able to find anything that works for you. And sadly not all of us can afford the high-end brands that may have the quality and the shades that we need. But that doesn't mean that we should suffer, we gotta slay too! That's why I thought it would be cool to share with you my favorite drugstore foundations, that have a pretty diverse shade range without compromising the quality of the product.

Maybelline FitMe Foundation

The Maybelline FitMe liquid foundation was the first liquid foundation I remember using. Before that was some obscure pressed powder foundation that I don't really remember the name of. This foundation has 40 different shades with cool, neutral and warm undertones. They can go from super pale to pretty deep (not as dark as the can go but they 'aight). This past fall they expanded their shade range and there have been rumors that they plan to add even more shades!

The coverage on this foundation is medium to buildable, but I don't think you could build it to be super full coverage. I like that it allows my skin to still look like skin, just a better more enhanced version of it. It lasts pretty well and doesn't crease or settle into any fine lines. You get 1 fluid ounce of product which is pretty much the standard.

 I'm currently using my summer shade, 338 Spicey Brown.

Black Opal True Color Stick Foundation

Black Opal is a black girl friendly makeup brand (sadly not black owned) that caters to women of color. Their complexion products range to the paler olive toned ladies (and gents) to the deepest darkest berry babe. They have a plethora of powders, foundations and concealers that cater to women and men of all skin types. The True Color Stick Foundation is an oil based, full coverage formula that blends out like a dream. I would say this foundation is better suited to the colder winter months because in the heat it will melt right off. It can settle and it isn't that long lasting, but it just seem to blur all your imperfection leaving you with a beautiful blank canvas.

I'm currently using the shade, nutmeg.

Wet 'n Wild Photo Focus Foundation
Now y'all know this particular product took social media by storm. Everybody and their mama swore up and down that this new foundation from Wet 'n Wild was the greatest thing since slice bread, and if I'm being honest I jumped on the bandwagon. I am constantly recommending this foundation to my friends and strangers alike. They have 20 shades with the darkest shade being a neutral mahogany color. I would say that this foundation is medium to full coverage because it can be sheared down, but it's mostly full coverage. It's very long lasting and it doesn't settle into fine lines or crease, the blendability is pretty great but I do think you need to work fast before it dries down.

One thing that I don't like about it that the darker shades start to take an orange tint, which is typical. It does oxidize darker and it loses its orange tint and settles into a really nice bronze. The color that I am currently using is Mocha.

LA. Girl Pro Coverage
I'm gonna be honest this foundation isn't perfect. But the reason it's a fave is because I absolutely love the finish of this foundation and its durability. The problem with this foundation, I feel, is that it's really patchy and it takes longer to get that blended finish. I do like the color range and the coverage on this foundation. But the formula on this one is very similar to the LA. Girl Pro Conceal in that it dries down very fast and that you have to work quickly.

I am using the color bronze

So those are my current favorite foundations. Do you use any of the ones that I've mentioned or do you have your own favorite that you would like to share. Comment down below.

-T U M I♡

April 25, 2017


Dress: H&M | Shoes: Vince Camuto| Earring: H&M| Watch: Ted Baker|

Just wanted to put up this quick little ootd because it was leg out weather and I wanted to wear this super cute dress from H&M. The gingham print is the hottest trend for spring and I think it's so flattering and cute. I'm on my final week of classes and summer is around the corner, so y'all know what that means. Hella posts and a poppin insta, lol.

Lots of love and good luck on finals guys!

- T U M I ♡

April 10, 2017

Playlist No3// April '17

New month, same mood...

High life, house music with a little rhythmic R&B to get in the right state of mind. Some new artists (well at least new to me) and old one's with new tracks. This is what I'm listening to in the month of April as spring really kicks off and as I prepare for summer.

What songs do you have on repeat? Comment down below.

-T U M I♡

April 3, 2017

Denim Fringe

Blouse: Asos| Jeans: Forever 21| Shoes: Vince Camuto| Earrings: H&M|

And Spring is finally here!

The skirts are gonna shorter, the colors lighter and the prints bolder. But as usual my first look of spring is a simple denim look, how predictable. But spring denim is so a thing, and the fringe hem is fun and season appropriate. I paired it with this really beautiful and understated silk blouse from asos.

#TIP: To keep simple looks from being boring, having a contrast in textures and weights in fabric can keep it fun and easy. This can be really helpful when trying to pull of monochromatic looks or outfits with similar tones. 

But my favorite thing about this look, are the earrings. I've really been into intricate and more bold pieces of jewelry, particularly earrings, and feel like these earrings aren't very loud but their unique design draws the eye without being overpowering. It's the little details y'know?
A nude pair of super comfy Vince Camuto heels and glowy makeup with a bold red lip (which was a first time for me mind you) finished this look off.

I hope you liked this post & comment what you're excited to wear this spring!

-T U M I♡