December 30, 2016

Gold Distraction// Casual NYE

    | Slip Dress: Forever21| Thigh High Boots: LolaShoetique| Turtleneck: Forever21| Denim Jacket: Vintage

With 2017 around the corner, NYE and NYE looks are on my mind. Even though this look wasn't really intended for the holiday season I still think it could work for a really chill and understated get-together. Just a relaxed setting with friends where you can look really stylish but stay comfortable. This slip dress from Forever21 is really versatile and I cant wait to share more styled looks featuring it.
T U M I ♡

December 14, 2016

Walking Fine Lines//

|Sheer Dress: Forever21| Jeans: Thrift Store| Bomber Jacket: Amazon| Sneakers: Kenneth Cole| Turtleneck: Forever21

Playing with lengths and layers is always fun. You see designers and celebrity stylists play around with both elements all the time, so I decided that it's time I join in.  I thought starting with something a little on the safe side would be better and I was right because this outfit turned out fantastic.  A little different for me, but what is fashion about if it's not about pushing your personal boundaries, am I right?

T U M I♡

December 9, 2016

Playlist No1// Finals Week

For those of you in college, finals week is upon us. Stress is at a all time high, sleep deprivation and anxiety have moved in and you may feel like overall crap. Trust me when I say that I'm right there with you, so I've decided to share some of the music I listen to when I'm stressing out of my mind. It's all soothing and filled with positive vibes. Featuring Corrine Bailey Rae, H.E.R, Jessie Ware and many other artists. I hope to make more playlists in the future.

T U M I♡