November 6, 2016

Edit: Kenzo x H&M

I feel as if this may have been a risk for H&M.
Ever since their wildly successful Balmain x H&M collection the bar had been raised for other companies to rise to the occasion leaving H&M to slowly drift to the front of the pack. However with the recent release of this new collection, I'm sad to say that this was a flop. Now don't get me wrong, I for one thought that this collection was a beautiful and wonderful representation of the direction Lim and Leon plan to take the brand while, still keeping its integrity and iconocism. But when you compare, and you can't help but compare, this launch didn't ensue the same frenzy.  The difference between this year and last year is the social media presence, the launch was anticipated yes, but it lacked a certain presence on the internet. The whole point of these collaborations is to make beautiful clothes and also launch certain high-end brands into a more commercial market. And the way you facilitate that nowadays is by building a social media following or to be #trending. I simply didn't see that.

I highly doubt that this slight failure will impact both parties in any shape or form, but it does leave a door open for other designers and companies.

How wide this opening is, stands to be seen.

- T U M I