January 27, 2016

January Favorites& ft. NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

January was an exciting month with an abundance of flurries sprinkled on top. I turned 18, I bought some makeup, I didn't die after the end of term at my school. All in all, it was a good month, it wasn't perfect but there were moments here and there that made it all the brighter. Celebrating my birthday with my closest friend and my family, getting amazing gifts, warm tea, great movies and not freezing my lil' tushie off in a snow storm.

But I am looking forward to moving on to the next month, because even though I like to think of myself as a living in the moment type of person, I am counting down the days to graduation. High school is just...meh. Anyway, I digress,  because this post is all about my January favorites!

I was really into buying products that just made me feel good. And I feel as if these products did just the job.

Maybelline Fit-Me Foundation
Nyx Super Skinny Eye Marker
Ted Baker Rose Gold/Gold Watch
Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara 

I don't do my makeup on the regular but these products made the process so easy. Of course, I'm sure the majority of you know about Maybelline's Fit-Me Foundation, we've all heard every beauty guru, youtuber and their cousin rave about this product and I'm not going to lie, it exceeded my expectations. It's really long lasting and it blends perfectly with the skin. It has buildable coverage which I like because my skin isn't really bad so medium coverage is what I personally prefer.

The mascara is also really great, my lashes always come out looking really full and long without the annoying clumping. Urban Decay just knows what it's doing. I got the tester size and it has lasted me for so long almost 4 months now, which just goes to show how much product you're getting.

The eyeliner is great too, but the only annoying thing about it is that to get the product to come out really black I have to shake it before use, and I don't think it is the actual product's fault, it's the applicator. Like felt tip applicators it can fade or get dull, so that's the only thing that I wish I could change but other than that, its perfect.

The watch was a gift and I'm obsessed! (Thanks mommy! Mwah!!)

Thanks for reading and here is a picture of me wearing all these products, except the wacth.

Lashes- Demi Wispi from Kiss

January 12, 2016


Sweater- Forever21
Leather Skirt- Forever21
Booties- Michael Kors
Socks- Asos