December 30, 2015

New Years Inspo&&

New Years with its popped champagne and colorful streamers is a time of jubilation and celebration. Men and women come together to celebrate another year gone and another successful year of avoiding that old time friend, death (dry humor working for you?).  Anyway, what I look forward to is, of course, the fashion. I like to scour social media and stalk the individuals with actual lives and actual New Years Eve events to attend. I of course, live vicariously through them, but one thing that I have noticed is the idea of sparkle and sex (which doesn't sound like such a bad combination) when outfits are composed. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look sexy and to shine brighter than the fireworks but I wonder about those of us who simply don't. I for one know that I don't possess a single ounce of sex appeal, due to my chronic baby face and the outlandish sequined look doesn't really suit me (even though I really wish it did). So what about those of us who simply haven't grown into it yet?

Well, faceless reader I have come up with a solution. Outfits that carry the vitality of one still young but keeping the essence of festivity that comes with Baby New Year. Relaxed but still cool enough to pass for someone who is ready to celebrate, that's if you are unlike me with actual plans.

BTW: Let's not question the baby pink theme... I was in a mood.


monochrome attack:NY

Spill the bubbly:NY


Uber Mishap:NY


December 27, 2015

Sunday Vibe: Oscar & The Wolf

I've been really into dream pop lately, and this song came up on my SoundCloud feed (which you should follow) and I fell in love. Oscar & The Wolf are a Belgian band that gained popularity after their debut album came out in April of 2014. Their mash of genres has the ability to lull anyone into this enigmatic and elusive world which the lead vocalists paints for you. I imagine fog, dancing bodies pressed close together and this certain languid sway in some dark forest. Simply enchanting.

"You turn it into your own
So tie me back to my bones
Collect your love and then my heart
But you're fearless, you're fearless"

Oscar & The Wolf

November 24, 2015

#Trending: Statement Earrings

With the impending doom of global warming looming over our heads, it's no wonder that this summer in winter mix has completely confused us. People wearing shorts with thick chunky sweaters, tanks with thermal leggings, socks with sandals, we just don't know what to wear and how to wear it. However something that I'm definitely not confused on is this season's trend, statement earrings. Fashionistas all over have completely delved head first into this ear-splitting phenomenon. Obviously, it's not a new trend, but with  2015's prevalent aesthetic of minimalism has taken something possibly gaudy down a chic road. 

Overbearing accessories have always been advised to be practiced with caution but in my opinion, these eye-catching baubles are the perfect way to bring attention to your face. Of course like any other trend, do it in a way that is completely unique to you but I for one am excited about this one. It's great for the winter paired with a simple turtleneck and some tuxedo pants or, dress it up with a super slinky slip dress. Either way, it is totally up to your imagination.

"Perseverance and perspective until victory."

Lincoln Diaz-Balart

All Pictures Courtesy of Tumblr