March 7, 2018

One Woman Many Hats: Being a Social Chameleon

The complexities of day-to-day life can be, in a plain manner of speaking, described as overwhelming. It's okay, you don't have to lie to me I know how utterly exhausting being ultrahuman can be; the desire to succeed and reach your full potential all before the age of 23 is a characteristic of those of us apart of the Millenial Generation (those born between 1981 and 1996) and  Generation Z (those born after the year 1997). Social media has created this environment of frenzy, this image of countless lives piled on top of each other scrambling and kicking, swaying and convulsing in the shared struggle for prominence all trying to reach the elusive shiny prize on top of the hill.

January 24, 2018

Becoming Comfortable with Failure: A Change in Attitude & Mindset

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It's been amazing to me how good I've been feeling every morning. I wake up early and it isn't too difficult to get out of bed (it's still a struggle cause mornings, duh) and I feel so ready to take on the day. I go to the gym first thing after making myself a hot water with lemon and I'm just filled with energy. The strain in my muscles, the tightness of my chest and the stinging sweat all old and dear friends. I've taken comfort in their familiar embrace and I've felt welcomed back into my own body.

I've really started to go back to my old productive, time efficient habits from the time in my life when I was apart of 20 million clubs and on all the sports teams every season. I used to be able to get so much done. I was the definition of an over-achiever and somewhere along the way, I forgot about that part of myself. I forgot about the girl who was capable of anything and who had the will of 300 Spartan men. But I've rediscovered her and she's always been there, waiting for me, waiting for when I was ready for her again and all that she comes with.

January 11, 2018

20 something: Birthday Playlist

Today is my birthday, and your girl is 20 years old!

There is something different about turning 20 in that you leave your teens officially. Now I can proudly say (or apprehensively say) that I am apart of that elite group that calls themselves the 20 somethings. A ragtag group of young adults who are winging it as they go because there is no user manual for this stuff, we are all going into it blind.  We don't know what we're doing but we all like to pretend that we got this handled. The world may be burning around us but we keep that attitude of "this is fine" "this is okay" "I got this all under control".

So I made this playlist to accompany that feeling of impending doom that some of us feel when we enter our 20s. The music is all really lo-fi with great instrumentals thrown in. There's a little deep house, lo-fi hip-hop/Rnb, and alternative songs with some of my fave artists. I think this playlist is perfect for making the world melt away and clearing your mind. Ease the trepidation and forget the panic, settle into the now (well at least try).

I hope you enjoy it and maybe discover some new artists!

-T U M I♡

January 7, 2018

8 Lessons for 2018

I have a very strange habit of writing in the dark. It's true, my lights are off and I just have the tv going in the background (Will and Grace are arguing over which one of them gets to date the guy, again). The heater is on and I'm pretty sure I'm suffocating in this overwhelming heat but the thing is that I rather suffocate than freeze to death in the tundra that is the outside. Because I don't know if I've told you guys this before but I hate the cold (I'm a summer baby and the heat is my domain).

Anyway, like I was saying, it's dark and it's the beginning of the new year and I've just been thinking (which I overdo and especially overdo in the dark...alone... and at 2 am). The first week of the new year is usually when everybody solidifies their resolutions or really reflect on the previous year. Triumphs and failures are looked over and lessons are learned, promises are made.

Now I don't know about you but I'm not too good at keeping new year's resolutions. I just have a bad habit of breaking them shortly after I've made them. It's probably because I can't commit to anything longer than what it takes for me to binge a season of supernatural. So instead of relying on my unreliable conviction, I've instead come up with an alternative. Like I've mentioned in the past, 2017 has been a year of learning and realizing... stuff. And so I'm going to take those lessons learned and apply them to my 2018, like a responsible adult would (the responsible adult I'm pretending to be at least).

Here are 8 lessons that I learned in 2017 to get me through my 2018:

n°1: Relationships are like plants, 
you've got to water them if you want them to 

n°2: When life kicks you in the face
it's ok to stay down and recover, 
take a deep breath cuz that ish hurt!

n°3: Some people are just assholes...

no°4: Sometimes you're the asshole... yeah.

no॰ 5: If you told yourself that you're going to 
do the thing on a Wednesday, you know you're 
not going to get to it until Sunday.
 So do it that Tuesday.

no॰ 6: Don't let anybody invalidate your feelings.
It doesn't matter if you're being super dramatic, 
if balling your eyes out felt like the 
appropriate reaction for you, then do you sis.

no॰ 7: You can change your mind and saying "no"
is always an option.

no॰ 8: Being a little selfish and taking care of you
doesn't make you a bad person. 
Wearing crocs do.

All these lessons were hard lessons learned. But growing pains are all a part of the human experience. I'm sure that there were a lot more things that I could've added to my list but these 8 were the ones that stuck with me. Going forward one would hope that I remember them (so fingers crossed, yeah?).
I would love to hear about some of your New Year's resolutions or goals for 2018. It's amazing what completing a single journey around our sun can do for people, how the completion of that single turn can renew all hopes and dreams. How it can wipe the board clean, how it can open a new chapter for some and how it can just mean business as usual for others. Whichever one you are, I hope that 2018 is a year of abundance, a year of success and triumph.

Until next time...

-T U M I♡