December 10, 2017

Textures & Winter Looks

The great tragedy known as finals are upon us so, you know what that means... INCONSISTENCY! STRESS! DEFEAT!

But let's put that aside for the moment and indulge in a small reprieve, fashion and retail therapy are the best coping methods (in my opinion). And there's nothing like getting knocked over the head with a stroke of inspiration and coming up with new looks. 

My wardrobe has recently been uninspiring and totally lacking, but there's nothing like a fresh piece to get the imagination going. These totally gorgeous and beautifully tailored trousers are exactly what the Doctor ordered. 

I live for good tailoring and a great pair of trousers can really be a key piece in any closet. Now take that and add a fantastic chunky knit, some beautiful sexy lace and some cool sneakers then you have a look. 

Now I know this post is really short but I have a post coming up that will be filling you in on everything that's going on, so make sure you keep an eye out for that! 

Outfit details will be down below.

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Sweater: Forever21| Corset: Victoria's Secret| Trousers:| Sneakers: Calvin Klein

November 21, 2017

Oxblood & Leather

This post is in collaboration with
It is bitterly cold in New Jersey but will that stop me from wearing mini skirts? Hell no!

I'm not really one for snow ( and what I mean by that is that I detest snow) but can I just say how bomb this skirt would look in a winter wonderland, everything covered in the fluffy stuff. I'm of the opinion that a well-fitting skirt, in particular, mini skirts, just work well all year round. Now of course being of that philosophy means that I sometimes sacrifice comfort for fashion (as one does). However, there are ways to circumvent this little problem. Just wear the skirt in leather!

Now I'm sure those of you who are regular readers of my blog have heard me mention the importance of texture. By wearing a weather-appropriate texture, you can make any article of clothing seasonal. It's like having the best of both worlds. I take a piece that's typically only worn in the summer months and a texture that's only really comfortable to wear in the colder months. Put them together and I get a fashion hybrid, voila!

However, that isn't to say that fashion is cookie-cutter or can easily be achieved by following a step-by-step formula. Fashion is definitely not 2 dimensional, it is nuanced and can be complex in its attention to detail. And all those little details are what comprise the individuality that one finds in a truly personal sense of style.That's why I consider fashion an accessible art form. And just like art, a single article of clothing can spark a cultural renaissance. Our clothing may be a reflection of ourselves and our personal style but the clothing we wear, is also a reflection of the society we live in. 

Think about it. 

Just over 50 years ago, the mini skirt was pioneered by British fashion designer Mary Quant, although she has been famously quoted to say "the real creators of the mini skirt are the girls in the streets who wear them". The mini skirt really became popular when a political awakening happened in the young women of the 60's. Women were beginning to take their place in modern society, taking ownership of their right to work in male-dominated industries and their own bodies. The mini skirt was a political and personal statement, "I decide, not you".  

In that sense, that single minuscule piece of cloth has sparked a cultural renaissance of female liberation and expression that we benefit from today. (Of course, this is ignoring the fact that modern female liberation began in the 20's with women's right to vote but, we're going to ignore that for the purposes of this post). 

That may have just been a really convoluted way for me to just say, I like wearing whatever I want when I want. But the point is just the same. A fashion statement is a statement of your personal views and your views on your environment.

So in my case, my statement is flipping cold weather the bird! was kind enough to sponsor this post (as well as a post on my insta, so go check it out!)
They allowed me to test out their services as well as the quality of their clothing and as you may have been able to tell from my previous spiel, I love my outfit!

Both the skirt and knit top are from  and since the website offers gently used clothing, that means you get awesome quality for a steal! I generally enjoyed working with them and since receiving these items in the mail I have already placed another order using my own money. I'd say 80% of my closet is thrifted and gently used (cause your girl is a broke college student, and fashion is expensive) so a website like this really made the whole experience of thrifting a lot easier. All my packages arrived within 10 business days, on time and everything was pressed and dry cleaned smelling fresh!

I really hope you like this look like I do!
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Outfit details are at the bottom of this post↓

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➝Outfit details: Skirt:| Knit top:| Boots: Public Desire| Aviator Jacket: Urban Outfitters

September 27, 2017

Grey Knits & Silk Camisoles

I'm really on a roll this week and I'm loving it!

It is now officially Fall and that means Fall fashion is in full swing (even though it's like 89°F outside but whatever).

Now I'm no fan of Fall or Winter (I'm a summer baby through and through) but even I can appreciate Fall and Winter fashion and its main component, layering!

There is nothing better than layering pieces with different textures, colors and weights. Just like I did with this outfit by layering the light silk camisole and the chunky knit to create a beautiful juxtaposition. Playing with textures is the best way to take an outfit from drab to fab without over complicating the look. And I love a simple outfit like this that can easily be taken from night to day just by adding flats and a long line coat. The color scheme is neutral and can easily be accessorized making it versatile for any casual events.

The outfit details can be found below! I hope you enjoyed this post, comment and tell me what you thought!

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Jeans: Lee| Camisole: Nikki| Sweater: Jessica Simpson| Hat:| Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell| Earrings: Forever21

September 24, 2017

Beauty Review: Maybelline FitMe Loose Finishing Powder

 Hello, lovelies I'm back with a new post and we're going to be talking about one of my favorite things, makeup! And this post is going to be all about the base baby.
I am a complete base makeup junky so that means primers, foundations, concealers, and powders; I love everything that has to do with creating that beautiful, flawless base.

Since I'm such an addict, I'm always looking for the perfect combination of products that are my go to and I think I have found the perfect yet affordable setting powder.

The Maybelline FitMe Loose Finishing Powder is a new-ish product to hit drugstores and I haven't really heard much about it in the blogosphere, which is surprising considering how freaking good this stuff is. The powder comes in 8 different shades; fair, fair light, light, light medium, medium, medium deep, deep and dark. The powders, for the most part, are sheer to translucent with a little bit of color, color enough to notice if you get a shade too deep or too light.

I've had and have been using this powder for about a month now and I'm pretty sure I know how this product performs. Originally I had bought the color deep thinking that as a woman of color I didn't want any flashback or white cast because the medium deep looked a little light, however, I was proven wrong when the deep proved to be too dark. So I went back and purchased the medium deep which was the perfect color. The powders, in general, seem more on the neutral side and I have a yellow/peach undertone but that didn't really affect the overall finish. 

Now what this product claims to do via
  • Provides the perfect finishing touch to your makeup base
  • Mineral-based formula helps to control shine and smooth skin's texture
  • Helps keep foundation set
  • Gives a sheer hint of color

I agree with all of these claims! I have been wearing this powder during the dead heat of summer (sadly its fall now) and it really did help my makeup last longer.

I generally use this to set my undereye and t-zone and it really does just blur without clinging to any fine lines or defining any texture. I don't get all that oily except in my t-zone and it really isn't that much. But it does control the shine and oil that I do get. It also says on the packaging that you could use this on its own without any foundation, I definitely don't agree with that. I tried this as just a light powder foundation (which I don't like powder foundations anyway but that's beside the point) and it seemed to define the natural texture of my skin and sunk into any fine lines. It also created random patches of pigment that wouldn't blend out. But as a setting powder its great.

In each cube, you get 0.7 oz of product and it costs $7.99 on It has a shelf life of 24 months and it contains silica, dimethicone (which are both silicones) and talc meaning that this powder is non-vegan.  

I do think that this powder is a great and affordable alternative and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is in the market for a new finishing powder. 

Overall I would give this ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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September 14, 2017

Transitional Fashion// OOTD

Another year of college has started up and your girl is already over it. However, since I have transferred to a new school I feel so inspired by my new space. I'm always brimming with ideas and I'm excited about things again. It's funny what a little inspiration can do for you, without it everything seems a little bleak and gray.

And I'm going to need all the color I can get as we slowly enter my least favorite season of the year, fall (get out of here with your pumpkin spice latte). But one thing I can appreciate about fall is fall fashion and transitional outfits. Some of the best outfit moments come from this particular season and I'm anxious to see all the it-girls of fashion turn it out. This is my take on a transitional look, I call it 80's murder unit detective chic. 

Outfit details will be down below!

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Satin Shirt: H&M| Jeans: Lee| Leather Jacket: Thrifted|  Heels: Burlington Coat Factory